Manchaug Pond Foundation Waterlevel & Dam

Water-level remains high!

waterlevel over flashboardsWith the end of July upon us, we are pleased to report the water level of Manchaug Pond continues to be perfect!

Last Friday afternoon found the water flowing over the top of the flashboards.  With a little rain here and there this summer season, the town has been able to keep the water-level at full.

What does this careful management mean for Manchaug Pond? Here are a few of this season’s benefits:

  • safe swimming, boating and recreation;
  • less aquatic weeds as the beds are in the deeper, dark waters;
  • healthy fisheries, critical in late May and June, with no fishkill;
  • connectivity with the cold-water streams to support native brook trout populations;
  • wet coves and wetlands for amphibian populations;
  • no flooding of on-lake areas or downstream with the July 4th storm effects of hurricane Arthur.

Later in the season, we will see a few annual maintenance tasks taking place with the mowing of earthen side of the dam,  weed whacking of plants growing up on the stone face, cutting back of brush, and the re-pointing/cementing of the stone face.

Thank you to our dam caretaker – the Town of Sutton.


The channel and old causeway

Aerial view of the submerged causeway at the channel markers.

Photos From Manchaug Pond June 2014

One of two channel markers