The Manchaug Pond Foundation’s Website Update Continues

Manchaug Pond from the Beaton Property

Manchaug Pond from the Beaton Property

As we’ve just passed the mid-month mile marker an update on the new website’s progress is in order.  Over the first half of June we’ve come a long way on the new site.  And hopefully it will be informative for members as well as visitors.

Our new website has many features.  An easy way for interested parties to join the MPF, more information on our latest conservation efforts, an integrated blog, new image galleries, and more.

Over the years we’ve been made aware of how important the blog is to readers around the world.  With our new setup readers can sign up with an RSS Feed reader if they like, or they can sign up for direct e-mails whenever the blog is updated (look to the column on the right of this screen and you’ll see the e-mail signup).  Additionally, if you follow us on Facebook or Twitter you’ll see that new blog posts are automatically updated to both services.  Basically we’re trying to make it as easy as possible for you to stay in touch with us.

Of course your comments are welcome here.  Blog posts still encourage comments so feel free to leave one.