This Saturday, give back to Manchaug Pond!

Earth Day?  Right here in your neighborhood – Manchaug Pond!Be part of the effort to preserve Manchaug Pond and its watershed this Saturday, April 26th by joining in on the annual Spring Cleanup! We’ll meet at 9 :00 AM at the State Boat Ramp on Torrey Road in Sutton – have a coffee, grab some gloves and a trash bags, and fan out from there hitting the ramp, roadsides and shoreline!
A tally of trash collected, volunteer hours of those participating, and area covered will be reported to the state DEP as part of our match for the Phase 2 S.319 Non-Point Pollution Grant for Manchaug Pond.  So be sure to join us for an hour or two!
 For more information contact: Marty Jo Henry, MPF 319 Grant Coordinator Program at