YOU Can Name MPF to Telegram Outreach for Charities Program

You can help Manchaug Pond through a new program of the Telegram & Gazette.  Subscribers can name the Manchaug Pond Foundation to benefit from the new TOUCH (Telegram Outreach for Charities) program.

When you receive your TOUCH letter and voucher, just fill in Manchaug Pond Foundation,  P.O. Box 154, Manchaug, 01526, and return in the provided pre-paid envelope.

There is no cost to you,  and the benefits to Manchaug Pond will grow with each Telegram subscriber participating.  Boston Globe Media’s Linda Pizzuti Henry tells us that Manchaug Pond Foundation will receive free advertising space to help “raise awareness around their mission, recruit more volunteers, advertise events, and create a better Worcester County community for all of us.”

Go Manchaug Pond Foundation!