Manchaug Pond Foundation Conservation

Manchaug Pond Foundation Makes Worcester Telegram Again!

Amazing, phenomenal, epic! was the 90 day land acquisition by the MPF!

Today’s Sunday Telegram lists this real estate transaction in Section F page 1 under Douglas and page 7 under Sutton. Make no mistake – all parcels were secured for only one $1.925m price tag.

Our sincere appreciation to

  • the administrators of the Bradford T. Beaton Estate for selling all parcels of the entire 100 acres estate to the Manchaug Pond Foundation for preservation;
  • to the legal/accounting teams which got the job done;
  • to our largest, most significant contributor: the Anonymous Donor whose gracious and generous gift made “the improble, if not the impossible” a reality. A humble and true hero, a “gallant White Knight” making this conservation crusade victorious!
  • for the Town of Sutton Board of Selectman who voted to give this small but mighty Manchaug Pond non-profit a chance with their First Right of Refusal assignment.
  • and the Sutton Town Administrator who brought us in to the situation.
Well Done !