Deserving a Standing Ovation – Our Dam Caretakers!

      Here it is July 15th and the lake waterlevel is at FULL!

Three cheers to our dam caretakers from the staff at the Town of Sutton for their diligent work at the dam!

  • For getting those flashboards in early!
  • For keeping the waterlevel safe during tropical storm Andrea!
  • For maintaining FULL through the season!
  • For checking the dam and controls daily and being on call 24/7!

All of us with homes, cottages, and camps around the lake, campers at Manchaug Pond’s many campgrounds, the near 180 children who visit the YMCA each day for day camp, the many recreational boaters who dock here, those that come to the campground for day swimming,  the boaters and fishermen who access the waters through the Boat Ramp, those who ride by and love the view, and those that live downstream ALL extend our hearty thanks in appreciation!