WATERLEVEL UPDATE: A BIG MPF thanks to our new dam owner!

A huge Manchaug Pond thank you to the Town of Sutton, our new dam owner, for safely bringing us through tropical storm Andrea. Town staff check and adjusted the dam and waterlevel before, during and after the storm, which meant more than once on Saturday when the most rainfall was realized.

A view of the flow from the Manchaug Pond dam this morning.

We came into this tropical storm at a lower waterlevel allowing us to accept the storm rainfall thereby preventing flooding around the lake and downstream.  

This morning, the low-level gate was opened a few inches more to bring us down in anticipation of the next round of rain and to accommodate the runoff flowing in from the watershed. Once we are past tomorrow and the threat of more rain, the town intends to keep the waterlevel at full  all summer long –  providing the weather cooperates.

Questions? Complaints?   Comment here and we will get you an answer.

Flow at Stevens Pond dam is 8-9 ” above their flashboards.