Thank you RUNNERS! Here’s your time

“This is the best little race we run in a long time!”  “What a wonderful spirit!”

Jake Murray 23:08                    1st Place Men’s
Eric Shrayer 23:23                   2nd Place Men’s
Linda Spooner 24:44                1st Women’s
Howard Bottomly 26:16           3rd Men’s
Greg Dubell 26:16                     4th Men’s
Nicole Salmonsen Gantt 26:48  2nd Women’s
Nancy Ryan 27:59                     3rd Women’s
Chris Sullivan 28:59
Richard Costa 29:11
Lizette Gomer 29:18
Donna LeBlanc 29:50
Larry Costinos 30:31
Sandra Kuipers 31:09
Jill Bronson 31:55
Michael Frost 32:29
Katie Schmidt 33:49
Michael Andrus 34:11
Tessy Schlemmer 34:50
Laura Turner 35:16
Kathleen Laperle 35:25
Lauren Salmonsen 36:22
Kevin Stockhaus 36:41
Danielle Salmonsen 36:53
Paul Eklund 38:41
Patti Eklund 38:41
Kathleen Rocha 39:41
Kathy Lyons 39:41
Maddie Vega 42:23
Judy Castonguay 50:45
Jackie Isble 51:30
Rose Charpentier 57:27
Lesa Bickford 1:02:41
Kim Mosher 1:02:41
Kandi Schmidt 1:05:10
Timmy Isble 1:05:11
Andrew Biafore 1:06:47
Kate Biafore 1:06:47
Monica Gauthier 1:09:30
Paula DeMeo 1:09:30
Alice Smith 1:12:45

A big and hearty congratulations and thank you to all those who ran, walked, rode in a stroller, cheer’ed us on, donated and volunteers! All to benefit the preservation of Manchaug Pond. (Check in later for photos and more!)

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