Certified Safe Vessel Performs Rescue on the Water!

Late yesterday afternoon a pontoon boat which had participated in the Vessel Safety Check co-sponsored by the Manchaug Pond Association and the Worcester County Sail and Power Squadron performed its first rescue.   Lake residents commonly help inexperienced boaters in trouble on Manchaug Pond.
The Captain wrote on Facebook:  “Rescued two women in a capsized canoe today. The younger of the two, my age, thought if they could just get help with righting the canoe they could get back in and be on their way… the 83 year old nun she was with was already in our boat, happy to be rescued, and wanted nothing to do with getting back into the canoe — another time, I’m sure.”
The canoe went over in choppy water.  The glare of the setting sun made it difficult to count heads and determine if the people were just taking a swim or in need of help.  But our new Captain, 1st mate, and crew, jumped in, rescued the two in the water, and hauled the canoe on board and took them safely home.
Heading off after their Vessel Safety Check on Saturday.
Well done!

* Canoes and kayaks are required to have a signaling devise, a whistle around the neck or attached to the life jacket is very accessible.  A life jacket for each person is also required. If your canoe has a motor of any kind, it must be registered.