Boat Decorating Contest

Sunday, July 3rd ~ 2nd Annual 
Boat Decorating Contest 

 Break out the garland, streamers and your imagination!

The Second Annual Boat Decorating Contest is scheduled for Sunday, July 3rd starting at 2:00pm.  

Pick a theme, decorate like crazy, and parade around the lake for all to see. We’ll follow the same route as last year, starting at Blueberry Island. We hope to have judges on the water this year so they can get a birds-eye view of your decorating skills!

To participate, you will need to register. You’ll be issued a number that must be prominently displayed on the starboard and port sides of your boat.  If you don’t want to be a contender for the cash prizes, feel free to bypass the registration and simply decorate and join in the procession.

To register, email or call 508.234.9239. Please provide the following information:
Captain’s Name:
Telephone #:
Boat Make/Model
Decorating Theme:

Everyone had a lot of fun last year and the turnout was great with at least 18 boats decorated and parading around Manchaug Pond! 

Cash prizes will be awarded!

WANTED: JUDGES — We’re looking for people to volunteer their time to judge this contest. Please contact me at the email or telephone number above if you’re interested in being a judge.

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  1. Do you think you could say how many boats are registered as of now? I want to see how much competition I will have and see if I should up my game. This is so much fun!

  2. Currently, there are 14 boats registered. We expect additional registrations to come through this week. Last year most of the registrations came through at the last minute. We’re getting a few interesting and creative themes this year, but you never know how much or how little decorating will be done. All we can say is… GAME ON!

    Your, MPA Boat Decorating Contest Committee

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