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  1. My hat off to whomever took these pictures. Thursday morning I noticed the adult eagle 100 ft from my shore sitting on the ice eatting something. Tried to get a picture and had camera difficulties. Then he came back again and still could not get the camera to work. Fixed the camera but did not see the eagle again until Friday morning while hanging laundry so did not bother. Sunday morning became prepared and placed the binoculars, camera, and bird book on mantel for easy access. Did not see much all say until 7pm Sunday night while talking on the phone that I had not seen eagle he soard right in front on the house. I hung up the phone, grabed the camera, and went outside. The eagle was nice enough to take a break in a tree located in our little cove. I kept moving down to the lake and would take a picture as I went. I am surprised he did not fly away (I opening my sliding glass door on Thursday and he flew off). I started to walk along the shoreline. Then I heard a noise, looked up, and there was a racoon 5ft away. I gasped, scared the eagle, and ran the other way. I didn’t get a good picture of the eagle or the racoon. Maybe tomorrow I will get a good picture. At least I can enjoy these.

  2. It’s sheer luck and opportunity to get a great shot or two without a monster lens (oh by the way Santa, still on my list!) I thought I had hit the Eagle Lotto with the adult then the juvenile showed up on the ice as well. The ice has pretty much melted but this is a time next year to scope this out again. They have been hunting in this area around 2 PM for the last couple of days.

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