In the News: Manchaug Bisque!

It’s all in the name!  and “Manchaug” is on the menu at a near-Webster Lake eatery, Bistro Eighty Ates.  A reader wintering in Florida brought this review by Worcester Magazine’s Zeke Williams to our attention.  Here’s what Mr. Williams had to say ….

“We started with an order of the Crock of Manchaug Bisque – a saffron-kissed mixture of a smooth sherry-cream base made with juicy pieces of lobster, shrimp and scallops. The flavors were fresh and vibrant. I am just not sure why a place looking to be “big city” would name a starter dish after a small lake and/or village in rural Sutton.”

 So what do you think? 

Did “a place looking to be big city”  name its now famous “Crock of Manchaug Bisque” after “a small lake and/or village in rural Sutton”?