Election Tuesday Brings Change to Districts of Manchaug Pond

The day after election Tuesday has brought a sunrise which painted the morning sky red and blue, banding itself along the lake’s horizon in imitation of the USA’s Old Glory.  

The election has brought change to the districts in which Manchaug Pond and it’s watershed find itself.

This morning’s Telegram reports new state representatives for both Douglas and Sutton.

First, the Manchaug Pond Association extends its deepest gratitude to Representatives Callahan and Kujawski for their valiant work with us in calling for the preservation of this lake. Their words of inspiration and experience at our past Annual Meetings have been uplifting and their work on the state level invaluable.

Secondly, we congratulate Messieurs Kuros and Fattman and look forward to meeting and working with them in the protection of our natural resource.