Sacred Sunset: Race Day Sky and Post Race First Aid!

Taken from Old Holbrook’s Campground, our 2 mile water station, yesterday morning at the start of Manchaug Pond’s 6K THE DAM RACE

Those who participated in the race, runners, walkers, wheelers and volunteers, please take extra care of yourself today:

  • drink plenty of water (not soda, coffee, or tea as they dehydrate)
  • soak, ice, massage and stretch sore muscles (add a little Epson Salts or foot soak to the water!) 

“Pain relief can helped by icing, massage, light activity and slow gentle stretching. All of these things work by increasing the circulation to the area. The increased circulation takes away waste and extra fluid and brings new nutrients. Drinking fluids will help flush the waste products from the body.”

  • walk today, even just 15 minutes to keep the circulation going and loosen stiff muscles
  • eat well to replace carbs lost
  • get plenty of rest – go to be early
  • check in to the blog tomorrow to plan for next year’s race!  We loved your participation and want you to come back to THE DAM RACE 2011 !

 Check in for more detailed advice at: