From the Window of the Camper…

Each of us has our own view of Manchaug Pond; a portrait of the lake framed by a camper window, the porch of a summer camp, the large picture window of a year-round home, or even more simply from the vessel we launch at the state boat ramp.

the view out the back window of our camper…

Advocating for this natural resource is the mission of the Manchaug Pond Association. Founded in 1967, we collectively work “to promote the welfare and correct use of Manchaug Pond and the contiguous area.” To deepen our efforts, the MPA formed a 501c3 last October- the Manchaug Pond Foundation.

If you want to do more than look at pretty pictures of the lake while sitting back in your lakeside lawn chair, stand with the members of the MPA by joining today!  For you convenience a PayPal button has been put on this site.  For  $35.  you can become a friend of Manchaug Pond – receive all mailings and meeting notices as well as our new quarterly newsletter SPLASH – or make a donation of any size to help us in our work. Volunteer now – I look forward to hearing from you!

This photo was sent in on Facebook by a seasonal camper of a local campground.  Thank you for capturing a view reminiscent of a cabin in the deep woods of Maine on a secluded pristine lake. 

Let’s work together to preserve Manchaug Pond!