Don’t Forget to Bail the Boat!

It is amazing how much this slow and steady rainfall the past few days can add up in your boat! Don’t forget to bail during and at the end of the rainstorms!

You might have a bilge pump system or some other fancy bailer you bought at the marina but if you don’t here’s directions from “how to do” on how to make the easiest and cheapest boat bailer!

A 2009 rain event where a 5 gallon bucket did the trick!

“The easiest boat bailer to make consists of a one gallon plastic jug, cut in half along a horizontal line below the handle. One gallon milk jugs are the most common plastic bottles used to make a boat bailer, but other types of plastic bottles will work just as well. Discard the lower half of the jug and use the upper half with the handle and spout. It is a good idea to use this end of the jug because the handle makes it easy to bail water out of a sinking boat rapidly and is a good point to tie one end of a string to and the other end to the boat. This will ensure that the bailer does not float away in the event of heavy seas while taking on water. Just make sure that you don’t throw away the screw-on top! Without it, your bailer will not bail water from your boat very well.”