Last week a busy week! Thanks for the ideas…

It has been a few days since we’ve had a post on the blog – pictures were taken last week but our work for Manchaug Pond and life on the lake has kept us busy.

So let’s just recap a bit of last week’s happenings:

First, let’s thanks those readers who submitted suggestions to our FUNdrai$ing Committee.  All your ideas were brought to last week’s meeting and let me tell you new events and activities are in the works!  Three are being planned for later this year… a followup meeting is scheduled for next week and then a Board meeting the week after for final approval. The goal is to have registration forms available for members at the MPA’s 43rd Annual Meeting later next month. Also in 2011, you’ll see once again the great RAFFLE event, Spring Social, and the Boat Decorating Contest.  So stay tuned!

Tuesday we found the Town of Sutton doing some maintenance on the drainage sites on Manchaug Road and having a telephone pole moved out of a drainage pipe/ditch.  Important work necessary to improving our water quality – minimizing run off of sediments and nutrients into the lake.

Also on Tuesday,  our invasive aquatic weed survey was being conducted by Lycott Environmental.

I didn’t get a photo of the boat, but I can tell you the weather was perfect – blue skies and not much wind.  Hired by the MPA,  Lycott’s boat was seen methodically working not too far off shore, raking up plants growing under water, identifying them,  and mapping by GPS the location.  You may have heard a shout out or two of “MILFOIL!” or “FANWORT!”  We look forward to the results of that survey so that we can compare it with past surveys/reports.

Last year’s milfoil

And speaking of weeds… we are seeing PURPLE along the roadsides of the watershed once again!  ugh! PURPLE LOOSESTRIFE.  If you see it, pull it, bag it and take it out of the area.  Do not compost!  Put it in a plastic bag, and send with the trash or incinerate.  We do not want this highly invasive weed on the shore of Manchaug Pond!

How did your week go?

Smooth sailing?

See you on Manchaug Pond tomorrow!