Hello! We would like to hear from you!

Last Thursday’s post asked what YOU would like to see as our next FUNdrai$ing event….

….. Only one reader commented. 


  So what conclusions can we draw from a lack of respondents …  well… 

….maybe we only have one reader…  No, that’s not true as Google statistics on the MPA blog tell us that from January 1, 2010 to July 19, 2010 a total of 1,604 people visited the blog 8,332 times. That’s a lot of readers and a lot of visit for half a year.

…. maybe no one visited since Thursday as it is hot and prime vacation time…  No, the numbers from Google show 192 visits since we asked for ideas on Thursday til yesterday.  No, you’re out there…

… maybe no one is interested in fundraising events? No, I don’t think that is it because the July 4th weekend Boat Decorating Contest was a huge hit with 91 visits to the blog on July 6th alone as readers checked out the photos of the great entries… and the Boat Raffle/$8,000 Giveaway sold ALL 100 tickets, raising the max. and with great attendance at the drawing/ Annual Spring Social.

… maybe our readers are shy…  Shy?   …Bubby!  Are you still with us? Are you shy?!

…maybe no one thought we really wanted their input! that it was one of those rhetorical questions!  …That’s it!  You didn’t really think we wanted to hear from you!

Alright then!  Go back to Thursday’s post,  Give it another read,  and let the MPA FUNdrai$ing Committee know what you think and want!  

…. a golf tournament?  … silent auction? … road race? … dinner dance? … cycling race? … calendar raffle? …what?

or should I put up a poll?