Manchaug Pond Foundation

MassWildlife Working on Manchaug Pond!

Mass Wildlife/Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game are out on the lake taking a survey of our fisheries.  With this year’s waterlevel they are able to take their boat into the coves!

Thank you to the 3 MPA directors and 1 member who called in the info and sent this photo.  More are on the way!

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  1. We were quite shocked to see these guys on the water! All we could see was that they were “killing” the fish, taking the big ones and throwing out the small ones. They should have notified the MPA in advance that they would be conducting this fish survey, so that those of us that observed them, wouldn’t have been upset not knowing what they were up to and thinking the worst. Many of us thought that they were killing the fish and taking the large ones. I never saw them put any back in the water after they scooped them up in those nets, but my vantage point wasn’t the best and this boat was moving right along. After a few minutes of the fish floating on their sides, most of the fish came to and swam away. We did have two fairly large sized fish that never revived. They were dead after being electrocuted.

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