Boating Safety Week ~ Sutton Police boat NOT in winter storage!

The Sutton Police Lake Patrol boat is pictured here as it wintered in the Sutton Fire Department’s Manchaug Station.
But is was cleaned up, inspected and readied for the season back in April and has bee sighted on the waters of Manchaug Pond recently.  Officers will work to educate the many weekend boaters who visit our waters this season as to the practices which keep boating safe and fun.

Need a quick review of the boating rules and regs?  Try these:

  • Any size motor boat needs registration, numbers on bow hull (MS  ####  WS), life jackets, fire extinguisher, horn, whistle or bell, anchor with line, and bailer.
  • Any boat with a motor MUST be registered. Registration MUST be in the boat.
  • You need one life jacket (that fits!) for every passenger on the boat. (out of the package, accessible, and in good condition- no rips or cracks!)
  • Children under 12 MUST wear life jacket at ALL times.
  • You must be 18 or over to drive a jetski/personal watercraft or be 16-17 AND have passed the Boating Basic Course with your certificate on your person. NO ONE CAN OPERATE UNDER 16.
  • Kayak/canoe MUST have a whistle or other signalling devise.
  • No waterskiing or tubing through or in the channel.  Maintain headway speed – no more than 6 mph.
  • At night: all boats with a motor need red/green bow light and white stern light. Non-motorized need flashlight, lantern or headlamp worn in back.
  • No drinking or possession of an open container of an alcohol beverage on the water.  See Sutton’s  Open Container Law.
  • Common sense.

    May 22 – 28   Safe Boating Week!   Be careful out there!

    Wear your life jacket