Boating Basic Course in SUTTON Held!

The end of last month a Boating Basic Course was offered by the Environmental Police and held at the Sutton Fire Department’s Station #2 down on Manchaug Rd in Manchaug. (the village not to be confused with the pond)

4 nights, 2 1/2 each night, 52 attendees – both adults and children.

The result:  all passed the 50 question exam held the last night and all came out with a increase knowledge of the rules and regulations of our waterways  and of boating safety. A certificate is received by all securing a 70 or above which allows children to drive a motorized boat and 16 and 17 year olds to operate a jetski. 

It is a great program with laughs shared as Environmental Police instructors tell their stories of law enforcement on the Connecticut and Charles Rivers, at Quabbin and on other inland lakes and along the coast – Check out the link for the next class:

or adults can try the online course:

Under 18 must receive classroom instruction and take the proctored exam.  This is required for all 16 and 17 year olds wanting to drive a jetski/personal watercraft.

May 22 – 28   Safe Boating Week!   Be careful out there!

Wear your life jacket