Sutton Town Warrant of Interest to Manchaug Pond

Yesterday gray skies filled the day with a bit of rain here and there. Minutes ago a rain shower brought a bit of hail and now the sun is shining.

Of interest to Manchaug Pond are a few items on the Sutton town meeting warrant: Article 12 is the annual appropriation for the management of the state public access ramp and Article 14 and 15 allow for the small installation of hydroelectric by special permit of the Planning Board.

Click the link or post title to bring you to the town website and then click to see the entire warrant to read it for yourself.

The members of the Manchaug Pond Association were present at the Planning Board public hearing when the hydroelectric power article was discussed. Personally, I found it very interesting that not a dam owner or potential dam buyer was in attendance and further I have heard word on the street that this article was brought by a potential dam owner, but in reality the Planning Board opened the hearing explaining that the Board was bringing the article for town consideration at the urging of the Town Administrator to address concerns at Manchaug Pond. Sutton has close to 20 dams within it’s boundaries which would all fall under the bylaw.