Manchaug Pond: Alive and Well!

There was been a quiet giddiness on Manchaug Pond this past couple weeks as flashboards went in before April 1st, spring rains came in record amounts bringing the lake up to a nice level, and thanks to the dam owner and his caretaker the water level never reach a point where we had to worry about homes flooding or closing the ramp as have many others. Coupled with the unusually warm weather,  the lake has come alive once again!

What do we mean by “come alive”?

Yellow perch were spawning along the shore in numbers back on April 2nd. Dragging a worm off a fishing pole line brought them scooting over in droves.

Turtles were seen on logs and rocks along the shore basking in the sun near the boat ramp and

and on the opposite shore of Holbrook’s. 

Coves and neighboring wetlands brought the evening sounds of spring peepers and wood frogs while herons and ducks were the sights of the day.

A few boats from the ramp enjoyed the early fishing and we could even hear the hooting and howlering of a couple of brothers enjoying the first swim of the season in water way too cold for most of us!

Water is no longer going over the flashboards, and the caretaker has taken the low level gate back a few notches so a bit less is flowing out ….  and all are looking forward to spending the weekend at camp or at our cottage on Manchaug Pond.