Dam Owner Monitors Waterlevel – flow reduced

Last Thursday, the question was asked by a few as to whether or not the dam caretaker continues to monitor the Manchaug dam on a daily basis – with some thinking he is there only once a week.

Well,  reports came in on Friday that YES he was indeed there and here’s of photo of his truck there AGAIN THIS MORNING.  On duty as usual!  🙂

So I would venture it is safe to say with the nature and seriousness of dam ownership – coupled with the owner’s past record of daily monitoring and concern for safety – that our dam is getting plenty of attention.  We have also seen local and state officials in the neighborhood as well.

Looking at the flow out of Manchaug Pond….

Here is a photo of the flow on Thursday, April 8th:

And again this morning after the caretaker took his measurements and closed the low level gate down quite a bit.  Significantly reduced.  No water is coming over the flashboards.

While those who live and use Manchaug Pond clearly see the value of its water and the dam for the value of our homes, our wells, to prevent flooding, for recreation, business and tourism, etc…. perhaps downstream needs to recognize further Manchaug’s contribution. Maybe it’s the old term pond that brings a 21st century mind to a small body of water.  Reservoir is indeed appropriate.