Before the Big Sweep!

Early last week, when the weather made us think more of summer than of the fact that spring had just recently arrived, we took a morning walk in the watershed. Before this street sweeper made its pass over the dam and along the roadside we had just walked,

we had an opportunity to read the tracks of other early morning walkers in the sand along the sides of the road.

Who do you see in the sand?

MassWildlife puts out a handy Pocket Guide to MA Animal Tracks. Just a card smaller than index card size that gives the track pattern, the tracks of 27 mammals and birds with size in inches of front and hind track noted. You might have pick up the pocket guide at an MPA meeting or if you haven’t check with the MassWildlife field office on 1 Rabbit Hill Rd. Westboro.

Two weeks ago the MassWildlife van was sighted in Sutton heading south! Subscribe to their magazine – you won’t be disappointed!