Rain and Run-off

Rain continues, wind from the east is rising, and water is running in fast and furious streaming through the woods and along the roadsides.

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  1. I never received an answer on my question of ” Will the flashboards be placed in early this year for the water to remain in the lake for boaters to be able to launch their respected boats earlier? Please reply I know allot of people are wondering what will be of this year?

  2. I am also curious to know when the flashboards will be put in to retain the winter melt and the spring rains. I remember the last time we had an “el nino” winter, we didn’t have the normal amount of rain, we had a drought summer. It was a very hot summer too. Does anyone else remember this?

    Love the photographs, the lake is so beautiful and peaceful. I can’t wait to get out the boat out of storage and get it on the lake.

  3. Dear Good Luck to All!,

    Thanks for the link with the update on Alternatives Unlimited! On June 26, 2009, we posted here on this blog photos of that project. A search of “Alternatives Unlimited” on the Google Search bar to the right will bring up the entries or you can check the archives. Right now there is plenty of hydro flowing out of Manchaug and Stevens. I recently had a conversation with a man who remembers as a kid the turbines located just below Stevens.

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