The Great Backyard Bird Count Tomorrow!

The annual Great Backyard Bird Count will be held at 2 p.m. Feb. 21 at West Hill Dam Park, 518 East Hartford Ave. Park Ranger Viola Bramel is gathering data to enter in the Cornell University annual Backyard Bird Count. Participants should dress for the weather and be prepared to hike.

When the black and white species pictured is not in the tree, we commonly see dark-eyed juncos, black-capped chickadees, sparrows, titmouse, cardinals, nuthatches, robins, blue jays, and one little wren my daughter calls the “chipmunk bird” feeding at the suet and seed feeders. A thistle feeder was put up a week ago but no one is interested yet.

A call came in a week ago about a suet feeder being ripped from its post and carried off over on the Douglas woods side of the lake. With raccoons commonly seen over there, they are likely the culprit. The caller was concerned about bears. While a bear was spotted some years ago on the Manchaug Pond shoreline at a bird feeder, we still have a month or so before we have to worry about their spring appearance. I’ll let you know when MassWildlife sends out their email to take the feeders in.

Who is at your feeder?