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Posted by 單存 to Preserving MANCHAUG POND! at February 18, 2010 1:01 AM

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  1. I can only hope there were no rude comments towards the Manachaug Pond Association and the corresponding secretary. Many of us have learned and appreciated everything that has been displayed here. From beautiful photographs of wildlife to people enjoying the outstanding gifts this lake has. With swiming, fishing, sailing, skiing, etc at its best here on manchaug lake, what more can you ask for. We also have learned of the many species and why they are here along with bald eagles finally retuning to the lake as well! We appreciate this web site more than you will ever know and are appauld if anyone chooses to leave any rude or unneccessary comments. Please remember the people of Manchaug Pond association work on this with their own time and efforts. I know we really love this informative site!
    Respectfully, Joe and Doreen

  2. A try to break the code on “Babel fish”. This is what it said: “The most plentiful best rice ear, then most draws close to the ground.” (hope this helped)

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