Skiidoos! & How Thick is the Ice?

With this morning’s temperature hanging at the zero mark on the thermometer, we are back making ice!

This photo came in mid-January from a reader with the title “skiidoos!” Don’t you love it!

We also received a request from another reader:

“Hi I was just wondering if you heard any reports on how thick the ice is.

Can anyone out there give us some numbers? The channel is open but I am sure the main part of the lake is thICK!

Sorry the blog has been quiet for a couple days! The organization is busy: a lake conference, 319 grant meeting, & much planning and typing have taken this week! 2010 promises to be packed with events! Stay tuned …

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  1. Just Curious, years ago I can remember the Lake Manchaug residents had a sailing event that invited all sorts and sizes to the lake.
    It was a beatiful site to see to say the least and all ages could eneter as well.Do you know if that could be brought back. If so Does it have to permitted by the Lake Manchaug Association and the Environmental Officials?

  2. Yes! the MPA Sailboat Races were great fun for both participants and spectators. I will bring your suggestion to the Board of Directors at this month’s meeting. Any volunteers to work with an organizing committee or to race?

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