No Limo on Manchaug Pond – Telegram Reports

There is no limo parked on Manchaug Pond.

Photo of Quaboag Pond by T&G Staff Tom Rettig

Head deeper into the local newspaper, the Worcester Telegram, for an article on our “cherished pond and dam” (yes you got that right! Manchaug is a cherished pond!), which recaps the situation arrived at by our dam owner this past summer and fall: the development of an “unofficial agreement” with another local potential buyer for the dam, the state’s suggestion for an ownership transfer with an endowment, the refusal of an offer made in good-faith by a Manchaug Pond non-profit, cooperation by the town for development of a hydroelectric power bylaw, and the dam owner’s continuance of the breaching process.

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  1. After reading both articles on this opportunity, is this a good or bad offer for the Manchaug Lake lovers? Will this effect the water levels again? Thanks

  2. Good Luck to All, You are still with us!

    I thought with the dam owner having selected a new owner other than the people of Manchaug Pond, you would have tuned to a new channel long ago!

    We’ll continue to work hard for this natural resource, you can bet on that!

  3. It is not that the dam owner has selected an new owner, it is that the people of Manchaug Pond have let them. The people of Manchaug Pond have the power to change that, do what many other waterfront owners on other bodies of water have done and work out a purchase before that chance slips away. Good Luck to All!

  4. What part of we already tried that don’t you understand? Everything happens for a reason. I do know however the longer MRC lets this drag on the more money they are spending,or should I say Throwing Away on the breaching process.
    MRC’s Lawyers are laughing 🙂 all the way to the bank !!! There the only ones making out here.

  5. The Manchaug Pond Association made an offer in good faith to the dam owner … it was refused and we haven’t heard from them since.

    The people continue to be very interested in the future of the dam and the care of this lake. Our situation on Manchaug is different from that of Whitin as we are not a private lake. Downstream water usage and control of the dam, has for 40 years and will continue to be a concern for the MPA.

    Our attorneys are still on retainer working with us on our options – hopefully a call will be received from the dam owner with a workable agreement.

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