As Snow Falls, Keep Heads Up Friday for Intensive Eagle Count

In reporting the two eagles sightings earlier this week, MassWillife Information and Education Biologist Marion Larson has invited all of us to join Friday’s statewide sruvey effort. “Perhaps you (or nearby neighbors) can keep an “eagle eye” out for a bird on Friday as part of our concentrated eagle count. Just call in the sighting (or email here) to our office–508-835-3607. We appreciate your enthusiasm for eagles! Marion”

Further noted on their website:
On January 8, 2010, agency biologists and many other cooperators will take part in a statewide effort to survey of the coast and major rivers, lakes, and reservoirs for eagles. We even expect a helicopter, generously provided by National Grid, to help count eagles in the Quabbin Reservoir and along the length of the Connecticut River. I’ll probably be posted at the Enfield Lookout at Quabbin Reservoir in Belchertown to answer questions and watch for eagles….
Last year, volunteers and state wildlife staff spotted a record number of 80 eagles (with 26 eagles spotted at the Quabbin Reservoir) during a one day survey in January.

Photo taken this summer on Manchaug Pond.