Yesterday’s Adventure

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a ride! Can you guess the destination? This photo is a clue!

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  1. Thanks for taking a guess!

    It was like going to the zoo but with only one species on exhibit! And with an end goal of releasing the fish into ponds throughout the state. Children of all ages had a great time feeding the fish from that one machine. Just one pellet thrown into the tank creates such a reaction! And you can walk between each row seeing tank after tank. Very different! If you ever make the trip, be sure to check out the tank in the front of the building for the very large adult brook trout.

    Also worth the ride and just up the road is Quabbin Reservoir with its incredible overlooks, dam and eagle information, and cozy, scenic areas to picnic. A bear had been spotted along the shore from the Enfield Overlook and an eagle was seen flying over the Windsor Dam. On the ride home, a stop at Janine’s Frostee in Ware completes the trip with a good size ice cream only $1.50!

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