Weather Change

Yesterday was Blog Action Day where once a year Blogger asks all those users to write about a given subject. This year the topic is climate change. Given I am not a meteorologist, I will leave the research and speculation about the global climate to others and focus on the weather instead! Sorry Blogger.

Here it is October 16th and what should have been our first frost is actually the morning of our first snow! Snow is falling as we speak, the wind is gusting up and the temperature is at 32 F. The fall foliage, especially in Area 1, has well begun the promised reds, oranges and yellows. Photos will be posted later today.

Also we hope to give you some details/photos/video of the boat involved in Saturday’s boating mishap – one of our MPA Board members heard it on the police scanner and is tracking down some details. With Manchaug Pond noted for its rocky shore combined with the early low waterlevel, boat safety has been a big concern. The boat ramp and the campgrounds bring in an ever-changing population of recreational boaters which are not always familiar with the lake.