This Morning’s Heavy Rains Filtered by 319 Grant Work

Heavy rains hit the area this morning bringing rivers of water down the roads and from the watershed hillsides into Manchaug Pond. Let’s take a look at the completed site work made possible by the s.319 NonPoint Pollution Grant to filter all this stormwater:

On Manchaug Road in Sutton, the first site – a GABION WEIR.

Site 2 – LEACHING CATCH BASIN- complete with small boulders to keep people from parking in the area.

Site 3 built in the existing ditch – CHECK DAM WITH FILTRATION POOL.

Site 4 – CHECK DAM – breaking the flow in that same roadside ditch.

State Public Access Ramp: Site 5-1 – Grass Paver Infiltration System

Site 5-2 – Nutrient Filtration System

5-3 – Rain Garden Area before planting

5-4 – Catch Basin Upgrade

In Douglas on Oak Street, Site 6 & 7 – Gabion Dam with Filtration Purge Pool

This site work has been done to filter the stormwater of nutrients to improve your Manchaug Pond resource!

The project is funded by the EPA and MassDEP, spearheaded and administered by the Manchaug Pond Association, written with the help of engineers and environmental scientist at CEI, Inc, and matched with work performed cooperatively by MPA, and the Towns of Sutton and Douglas Highway Departments and Conservation Commissions.

Data was based on a watershed survey and water quality testing paid for by the Manchaug Pond Association and performed by CEI, Inc and Lycott Environmental Inc. for the MPA.

One more task to complete! We remain On Target, Below Budget and On Schedule!