MPA Annual Meeting 2009: The Chowda Continued…

Well Capt’n Gray Beard,

I did speak with the Annual Meeting Chef, Capt’n Paul, and this is what he had to say:

“Wow, can’t have pillaging and plundering, can we!”

He reports that he has yet to reveal, to anyone, “the exact method of cooking recipe.”

HE WILL divulge that this special seafood “chowda” contains chopped clams, baby clams, shrimp, real crab, krab (faux crab), faux lobster, oysters, conch (if available), sea scallops, and white fish (can be haddock, cod, pollock, cusk, or striped bass) in it.
It also has chopped onion and minced garlic, non-alcoholic beer, clam broth, potatoes, fat free half and half, salt and pepper.

So, you’ll just have to attend every annual Manchaug Pond Association meeting to get your fill! Don’t bother doing any searches or questioning the dynamic MPA kitchen crew…. no photos of the chowder were taken and it was made off-site before the crew arrived.

Thanks for asking! See you at the next Annual Meeting.