Saturday’s Cleanup Event a Success!

While Weed Cleanup volunteers shed a bit of mud, sweat, and laughter on the shoreline of Manchaug Pond Saturday, the day provided beautiful weather for those enjoying the water!

Our first WEED Cleanup Event brought together 18 MPA volunteers from 9 households (waterfront/waterrights property owners) to “hand harvest” emergent invasive weed species from the north and east shorelines of the lake. With pitch forks and shovels in hand, the group worked from before 9 to 1:30 removing two dump trucks loads of harmful weeds.

Right off, the MPA extends a huge thanks to the Town of Sutton Highway Department and Transfer Station staff and Conservation Commission for their unending support and work on our 319 Non-Point Pollution Grant Project and another huge thank you to Tom Berkowitz for the use of his dump truck during this event.

Our coordinator educated participants in identifying problem plants to be removed from the native sedges and rushes which were to remain. He explained how in his home town in upstate NY, the invasives took over acres and acres of his 5 mile long pond. The weeds crowded out the native plants which are more desirable as a food source for wildlife, and replaced the water with huge bog-like areas thick with vegetation.

We thank all those who worked the event. We were able to clear 3 long stretches of shoreline. We’ll save the smaller areas for another day…. Job WELL DONE!

A pleasure to work with all of you!