MPA Annual Meeting 2009: You! Volunteer Opportunities.

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Well said!!!

I would like to hear about upcoming opportunities to volunteer, opportunities where people can join in and help make a difference!
September 02, 2009 6:29 AM

All right Manchaug Pond fans! The lake needs YOU! Here are two opportunities where you can join with other lake lovers to make a difference, a big difference!

The first is new to the MPA but recommended this year by environmental scientist at Lycott Environmental in their 2009 survey of Manchaug Pond. So here we go!

Sept. 26th ~ INVASIVE WEED CLEANUP! 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Meet at the State Boat Ramp and spread out from there! This time we are after a new villian in our cleanup- not trash but INVASIVE PLANTS!

A weed, by definition, is a plant out-of-place, unwanted! Invasive tells us it will take over – pushing out the native plants and with our shallow lake, replace acres of water with thick and high reeds, cattails and loosestrife. These plants came in this spring – “hand harvesting… is best used for pioneer infestations. Pulling and cutting is labor intensive and must be done at a time when plants are not producing seeds,” the report states. So we will hit the shoreline and start digging and pulling!

Bring your gloves, boots, pitch forks, ice picks and shovels or whatever you like. Jim, our event Coordinator knows first hand what these plants can do to a lake! He is calling for your help…”We need as many able bodied men and women as we can get!” Don’t disappoint! See you there!

Second opportunity is our Annual Fall Cleanup scheduled for Saturday morning, October 17th. The MPA organizes this effort, hitting the roadside and shoreline in and around Manchaug Pond to remove trash and debris left from the summer season. Meet at the State Boat Ramp with your gloves. MPA provides the trash bags. See you again!