Saturday: The Eagle and Cormorants Among the Boaters

Saturday the lake was a buzz with many recreational boaters. Many! The sun was shining and everyone from the campgrounds and the boat ramp seemed to be out. Blueberry Island’s had many enjoying the sand – parking their boats, setting up lawn chairs, coolers and even a tent for a little shade.

But what was amazing to me was that the eagle was there with us in the midst of all the activity and noise. We watched the adult glide over the island, swoop down at the curve on Manchaug Road to come up again and fly back over Blueberry heading toward Stevens Pond. A short time later a camper from Old Holbrooks, who had seen the eagle a couple days before catch a fish and eat it at the island, reported seeing the majestic bird fly over west cove.

Also swimming amid the jetski, skiers, tubers and pontoon boaters was a pair of cormorants who came to rest on the causeway near the channel sign to get a little sun.

To encounter such wildlife, makes all our efforts to preserve this habitat so worthwhile. Try this link to hear the calls of an eagle:

Thank you to our readers and members for joining us in this effort.