No Rain, No Hurricane, NO WORRY for Manchaug Pond

Yesterday evening, Manchaug Pond escaped the rainstorms coming from the west only seeing dark clouds and a few minutes of rain drops.

Today brought humidity and a late morning sun shower to try to cool things off. No rain to talk about yesterday or today and looking at the forecast no worry for the rest of the weekend. Hurricane Bob is predicted to have absolutely no impact on Massachusetts, never mind Manchaug Pond and the “integrety of the dam.”

No worry! Enjoy the last few days of summer! Some have already started back to school!

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  1. Interface was worried,since friday at 4pm and sunday at noon the lake has gone down 6″The gate is wide OPEN!!! The question is WHY. They are destroying this lake beyond repair.When is the mpa going to get aggressive?Dont give us that 30yr rule curve because its way lower than that.

  2. Dear Reader,
    Were you at the MPA Annual Meeting yesterday?

    Did you hear the updates on tests, surveys and subsequent “repair” measures put in or being put into place? Did you volunteer to help? Did you hear the latest on the waterlevel and dam ownership issue?

    The MPA Board of Directors has been all over this issue since 2006, as has the towns, every state agency and official and legislator we have talked to…. How would you like the MPA “to get aggressive” ?

    What solution do you propose? As you know the MPA Board of Directors is trying very hard to find a workable solution that all, including the dam owner, will agree with. What do you suggest different than what we have tried or are pursuing?

    Please let us know.

  3. why dont you post those meeting minutes for those of us who couldnt attend.I propose a class action lawsuit based on our life style change,property damage,property values ,a lot of people are waterfront with 2ft of water in front of there houses some would like to sell some to build.You cant sell as waterfront if all you have is mud and weeds in your front yard.most important MORE communication!!!all you hear is rumors or whats been in the papers

  4. Perhaps, if your anonymous blogger volunteered his/her services to the activities of the MPA, you could continue your aggressive activities towards the dam, water level, and other issues concerning Manchaug Pond.

    I found the MPA Annual Meeting to be extremely informative and educational. I was amazed at the number of issues that the MPA had to address, and, how well you are doing with limited resources (money and people).

    Continued success!

  5. Opening the gate and lowering the lake in anticipation of huricane Bill, MRC wasn’t aware that the lake is already down 24″ or more, you have to wonder how they could have missed that. Right

  6. To the reader who is calling for more communication…

    I just realized the reason you don’t know what is going on! You are out of the loop because you have not paid your MPA membership dues!

    Only MPA members are receiving complete packets in the mail of agendas, minutes, meeting notices, etc. Take a minute and cut the check to the Treasurer – $50 bucks isn’t much today but it is enough to put you on a different list with our Treasurer/CPA.

    We have another mailing going out soon so don’t delay!

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