More of the Manchaug Pond Eagle

Yesterday morning there were quite a few feathers scattered and floating down the channel…. I wondered if the eagle had anything to do with it…

The eagle was seen again on Sunday here at Manchaug Pond. How do you spot the great bird? How can you be alerted to its presence? Some have heard its cry here on Manchaug. More commonly the large bird is seen soaring off in the distance over the lake, swooping down to catch a fish, or eating its prize on Blueberry Island or on the old causeway. Adults have been seen perched in shoreline trees – its white head and tail prominent. Others note the movement of a small flock of birds in flight before the predator or seeing its large shadow on the ground as it circles above. If white head and tail are not present, you may be viewing a juvenile – immature bald eagle – as it takes 4 -6 years for the white feathers to come in. Two years ago, a mature eagle and 3 young were regularly seen here.

Thanks to our readers, Keith and Laura, campers at the Old Holdbrook Place we have the two photos below taken August 14th.

A bit blurry as it was taken with their small camera…. but they report having the SLR type with a mighty lens on hand so we are hopeful they will capture this majestic bird once again.

A few years ago, MassWildlife magazine published a story on eagles observed on the lower Merrimack River. The author, Steve Haydock, a retired Education Specialist with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service writes: “The bald eagle is not only the symbol of our nation, but a symbol of hope for the conservation of our wildlife resources. This species is recovering from the impact of chemical pesticides, habitat loss, and misunderstanding. Not long ago the bald eagle was downgraded from federally “endangered” to “threatened” in the contiguous United States, their numbers a testament to their resilience and the strength of human conviction.”

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