More Big Birds on Manchaug Pond: Non-migratory Canada Geese

Three breeding pairs of Canadian Geese arrived on Manchaug Pond in the spring…egg laying, hatching and rearing of young… now the flock numbers 17.

Taken a couple weeks ago on another overcast day, the photo shows the flock going from one shore to another looking for a lawn on which to graze. Why is that a problem? If you live on the lake you know first hand – one Canada geese produces from half pound to a pound and half of droppings per day! Talk about water quality being fowled – I mean fouled!

With Manchaug Pond having a higher population of summer residents than year round and with many working during the day… weekday meals can be had undisturbed.

Check out this link for control methods you can employ. In days of old we used to have a resident hunter or two on Manchaug Pond who would set up a blind on Blueberry Island but now residents must employ coyote decoys, scare tactics and barriers to keep them on the lake and off the beaches and lawns. Also do not feed the geese!

On this rainy day, neighbors used air horns to scare the geese off their property. Planting a buffer strip of low growing shrubs and trees along the shoreline will keep them from walking and flying in and also benefit groundwater and lake water quality.

I just heard honking as they fly over from Stevens Pond!