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  1. We wanted to take this time to say “THANK YOU” to the MPA and the people who make this outstanding educational web site. Unfortunately we had to move away from the beautiful Manchaug lake this past July due to our rental agreement ending and of course the economy situation forcing us away from this outstanding place we called our Heaven!
    In the past year we have learned so much, thanks to the writer and members of MPA. We can’t thank you enough for your updated and impressive information you have provided for the people who live and appreciate this beautiful lake! We can only say thanks so much for the fun articles and the important information you continuously have provided throughout our stay here the past year. We did not understand the complete picture and the outlook that MPA wanted to take and how far they have come to show to the citizens of Manchaug how they needed to handle the situation that was so important to so many.
    Well you did and you continue to help all the people who enjoy this outstanding resource. We thank you for all your up to the minute information and advice. We can only come back to sail on this Lake now on a daily basis but that we will do because we were so lucky to have had wonderful days out there on the lake as so many. So from Joe and Doreen we just wanted to send a gracious THANK YOU and we hope the best for all MPA members and people who respect Manchaug lake!

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