Beautiful Day for a Bike Ride

It was finally a beautiful morning and a perfect day for the Pan Mass Challenge which over 5,000 people from around the U.S. participated in to raise money for cancer research. It is a two day ride that starts in Sturbridge and ends up in Provincetown, 192 miles in all. While I was taking my early AM “coffee cup Tour d’Manchaug” kayak trip I could hear people saying “WOW, beautiful lake!!!” or “WOW, nice view!” as they came down Manchaug Rd. Kudos to everyone who participated or volunteered for the challenge and we look forward to seeing you next year! Click on the title of this post to learn more.

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  1. Excellent photo! We could hear the cheers as they rode by Torrey Road. I remember one year the boat ramp was a water stop.

  2. Well O’ wise one! Comments in the Telegram feedback on last article. Offer to buy the Manchaug and Giboa Dam (offer made by Fedex aknowledgement of it made within 20 minutes of reciept), Fact or Fiction! The drama continues!

  3. Dear Reader, I am not worthy of the title as I can only tell you the actions of the MPA Board of Directors. And some of those actions I am told to hold on to!

    The comments from the Telegram take on a strange tone from those who do not know Manchaug or the river to those who like to threaten and throw rocks. The offer could very well be true. But it doesn’t mean MRC accepted it. The MPA likes to stick to the facts and try to maintain the relationships we have built.

    Since the dam owner first announced the relocation of operations and closing of the Guilford mill we have heard of many buyers and many offers. The MPA has treated them all as rumors and not passed them on to our members. Further we are not looking for someone else to buy the Manchaug Dam. The MPA Board knows the value of the water and the value of the dam in the preservation of this lake and use downstream.

    All I can tell you is the MPA continues to work within the system to secure our waterlevel and working within the system to come up with an ownership solution which is agreeable to the state, the two towns, the many users, our members and others, and the dam owner. If the dam owner chooses not to work with us or gets a better “deal,” we have no control over that and it would be unfortunate. We are just trying to work solidly to protect all interests with a workable solution.

    Thanks for you comments.

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