While You’re Waiting… take the online poll!

Did you ever stop and marvel at how beautiful, just how “scenic” the views are here on Manchaug Pond? It truly is a jewel! And so many vistas available to the public – from Waters Farm Living History Museum – the well-published view of “beautiful Lake Manchaug”;

from the “officially declared” scenic road – Manchaug Road – which brings you right at waters-edge with the watery expanse of a 380 acre lake, breathtaking scenes of moonlight over the water, and just the play of clouds and water meeting at a ribbon of green foliage;

from Holt Road – the road overlooking the infamous Manchaug Pond dam which gives you a magnificent view down the channel to the setting sun on the western shore…

Not to mention the wonderful opportunities provided for the public to enjoy Manchaug waters – day swimming and camping at the Old Holdbrook Place, boat launching at the public access boat ramp, camping opportunities overnight or all season at King’s Family Campground and Lake Manchaug Camping, Day camping, town softball and baseball games for children at the YMCA Camp Blanchard Facility, and oh the events at Waters Farm! Manchaug Pond… And then there are the eagles and wood ducks and herons…How scenic!

Oh yes.. my original reason for posting…
Here’s something to do while you are waiting for Secretary Ian Bowles of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs to tell us all what the state thinks about the proposal to remove the Manchaug Pond dam…

…take the online poll at the website of the local newspaper placing your vote for THE most scenic body of water!

Visit the Millbury-Sutton Chronicle at http://www.millburysutton.com/(just click the post title to get there!)

Which body of water is the most scenic in the summer?

* Dorothy Pond
* Singletary Lake
* Ramshorn Pond
* Manchaug Pond
* Stevens Pond
* Howe Pond
* Blackstone River
* Brierly Pond
* Other

Now I know all you readers just love a poll, so get on over there and tell those readers what you know!