Today’s Telegram FLASH

Once again Telegram & Gazette correspondent, Ruth Vecchione reports on the blow-by-blow news lakeside – this time in the FLASH for Grafton, Millbury and Sutton and from the Sutton Board of Selectman’s perspective.

Here she goes…

Finally, Selectman Kevin Geraghty, with the board’s agreement, expressed their opposition to the attempt by Manchaug River Corp. to breach the dam along with their support of what the town’s attorneys and the Conservation Commission are doing in the matter.

Mr. Smith said they have retained George X. Pucci of Kopelman & Paige to represent the town.

“It’s a dramatic turn of events, a not-so-veiled threat by the company. Their interest is not the environment or dam safety. They are interested in divesting their responsibility.” he said. “I think they’re in for a war with the community and the state.”

Good choice of quotes, Ms. Vecchione! And well said Mr. Smith and Mr. Geraghty!

Remember readers that you can see for yourself the meetings of our Sutton and Douglas Selectman and Conservation Commission at the towns’ websites.

Here’s the link to Sutton’s award winning website:

On the left side of the home page, click Sutton TV online to view the meeting. On the right, click for the Board’s decision and how to submit testimony.

And yes, I did noticed that the dam owner is incorrectly listed as Manchaug River Corp. … but I kind of like it!
But for the record, the dam owner is Manchaug Reservoir Corp. c/o Interface Flooring Systems of Atlanta Georgia.

This morning’s photo taken by a new MPA photographer, thank you!

Do you think this bird species, the Cormorant, would continue to live at Manchaug Pond if it is reduced by 180 acres to a shallow, eutrophic swamp?