Testimony – Mass Bass Federation!

(Last night’s sunset)

Before we continue with Part 2 of our dam photos, lets look at the testimony submitted on behalf of Manchaug Pond :

This one from the Mass Bass Federation, an umbrella organization representing 30 fishing clubs who in turn speak for a total of 600 anglers submitted the following testimony to Secretary Ian Bowles, Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs as part of the MEPA filing:

My name is Erik Kaplan, I am the Conservation/Natural Resource Director for the Massachusetts Bass Federation. I speak for the approximately 600 anglers throughout the Commonwealth when I say we vehemently oppose this project. Many of our fishing clubs hold tournaments on this Great Pond throughout the year and this beautiful pond is an asset to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

There have been fish kills on this Great Pond in recent years due to low water levels instituted by the Manchaug Reservoir Corp and their parent company Interface Global, Inc.. Breaching of the Manchaug Pond dam would completely decimate this great fishery.

The breaching of the dam would endanger the Core Habitat on the shores of Manchaug Pond. The Core Habitat has been fount to have several endangered, imperiled, threatened and or vulnerable plant or animal species living within its boundaries.

Not only would the breach impact the fishery and the Core Habitat, but it would render the current boat access site completely useless. This would be a waste of a federally funded 319 grant for the already completed improvements to this site. I also urge you to explore the impact the breach would have under Article 97 the Land Disposition Policies.

In these tough economic times one would also have to believe there would be a severe and long lasting economic impact by moving forward with the breach. Property owners and businesses alike would feel a negative impact from taxes, property values and loss of business.

I do not believe that lowering the water level of a Great Pond would help the pond in any way. I would ask this office to end this long lasting nonsense and let this Great Pond be.

Interface Global, Inc. is trying to divest all its property and liability within the Commonwealth of Mass and the breaching of the dam is a self serving project. Any other option is not viable and does not fit into their financial plan. This is nothing but an extremely large global company trying to bully a small community into submission to accomplish its own goal.

I would like to again state the Massachusetts Bass Federation does not endorse this project and would like to see the dam left in its place to keep this resource available to any and all to enjoy.

Visit their website: http://www.massbass.com/2009Manchaug_dam.htm

The Manchaug Pond Association extends a huge thank you to MASS BASS FEDERATION for their representation at the July 7th MEPA public meeting at the Sutton Town Hall and for submitting strong testimony in support of this Great Pond.

Thank you for standing with us!