Nightime Storms Brings Rain and Morning Fog

Last night’s thunderstorms, three perhaps, brought an inch of rain to the rain gauge and left the lake surrounded in a morning fog.

A check of the Mass Office of Fishing and Boating Access website (see link under FOR MORE INFORMATION!) tells us it was the American Bass Anglers Couples counting off loud and clear as they left the ramp and channel for the main part of the lake early this morning.

The MPA advises caution to all lake users as the waterlevel continues to go down and boat safety is a concern! Sunday evening 2 boats hit the wall and a third hit a rock when going through the causeway with a fourth boat hitting during the week. The many new users from the access boat ramp and at the campgrounds are not aware of the dam owner’s new lowering of the lake in mid-summer bringing the many large rocks and walls just under the water’s surface. The MPA Board of Directors is lining up a number of boating safety education initiatives for Manchaug Pond’s visitors and MPA members. Details to come!

Sun is shining – the fog has burnt off! BE SAFE!

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  1. The channel through the causway is very poorly marked. The signs are not near the actual passage way giving boaters a false indication as to where the safe water actually lies. There is only one improperly colored (white) bouy on the edge of the clannel.

    While I’ve made the passage hundreds of times over the past 35 years, I still hate going through and almost hit the rocks last week.

    Is there no way to better mark the channel? Pilings would be wonderful, but 4 properly colored and places bouys would do the job as well.

  2. Thanks Dick for the expert assessment!

    The two red channel marker signs are provided and maintained by the staff at the Douglas State Forest – the MPA rallied for those for years.

    The white plastic bottles, etc that mark rocks are done by whomever. Problem is, as you say the buoys are the wrong color and as the dam owner takes the water level down the buoy goes off the mark.

    The MPA does not have the authority to mark the channel or the rocks and we are told liability becomes an issue for those that do.

    And as you say, even those most experienced with navigating Manchaug still cautiously hang to one side or the other through that channel.

    Our grant coordinator is checking out an informational kiosk for the public access ramp… but on the buoys… do you know what is done on other lakes?

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