High Water and the Manchaug Pond Dam

With the July 4th weekend – always exciting on the lake! – we are thrilled to have finally reached a high water level! A cause alone for celebration!

BUT remember….

1.) The waterlevel will be coming down from now on as the dam owner, Manchaug Reservoir Corporation c/o Interface of Atlanta, Georgia, will be following the 1930 Rule Curve elevation – not actual historic levels. This means the water level was to peak in June (an elevation of 518.3 which was never reached) and then starts to drop off in July.

2.) The dam owners has filed an ENF/application #14435 to breach the Manchaug Pond dam with MEPA (Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act Office) of the
Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.

All interested individuals, meaning YOU and ME, may attend a special meeting this

Tuesday, July 7th at 3:30 p.m.

at the Sutton Town Hall, Uxbridge Road in the Selectman’s meeting room

As the Sutton website reports:
An Environmental Notification form has been submitted for the “Restoration of Manchaug Pond – Douglas & Sutton” Project. This project requires a mandatory Environmental Impact Report (EIR). A consultation meeting will be held to receive advice and comments from agencies, official and citizens regarding which environmental issues are significant for this project. Opinions as to the extent of the significance of possible environmental impacts will be welcome.

The meeting will include a brief presentation of the project by the proponent, with periods for questions, answers, and open comment. Additional comments will be welcome in writing prior to July 14, 2009.

Link for the town website: http://www.suttonma.org/Pages/index

Link to the project summary the dam owner submitted: http://www.mass.gov/envir/mepa/secondlevelpages/currentissue.htm

Check the archives/older posts such as June 18th for more information.

Any questions?