Did YOU Vote Yet!?!

Did you take the Millbury-Sutton Chronicle poll?

Which body of water is the most scenic in the summer?

Dorothy Pond 2
Singletary Lake 4
Ramshorn Pond 1
Manchaug Pond 11
Stevens Pond 0
Howe Pond 0
Blackstone River 3
Brierly Pond 1
Other 2

COME ON NOW! Take a minute and vote! Manchaug Pond received 11 votes as of yesterday. I know I have far more readers than that that tuned in to this blog on Monday…. and given the other ponds didn’t receive all the other votes where are you!

Just click on to the title of this post and I will take you there! http://www.millburysutton.com/Current/Sutton/

More importantly, thank you to all of you who took the time to send your letter of testimony to Secretary Ian Bowles in support of Manchaug Pond. Joining the MPA is this effort are our local officials from the Towns of Sutton and Douglas, our state senator and representatives, a number of state agencies and a number of environmental advocacy organizations and friends of Manchaug Pond! Each one of us working together can make a difference! The MPA continues to work to the future of Manchaug Pond.