A time to Bail! … continued…

My neighbor said he thought about it last night – put the bow of the boat to the wind – but didn’t get to it. The waves would have splashed off. Putting the motor to the lake allowed the water from last night’s/today’s nor’easter to come right in.

When you don’t live on the lake, but have water rights – daily trips to the lake to check on things is necessary. Two “Captains” head to the lake early this morning to man the bailers! 5 gallon buckets are not traditionally used as bailers but in this situation quite necessary.

At a recent Sutton Conservation Commission meeting I watched on Sutton TV Online, a new lake resident spoke about his experience living on a lake – all new to him were the unexpected strong winds, visiting geese and the weeds and debris that wash up on the beach. I remember telling his cousin last year to tell the newcomer to close his tabletop umbrellas as the wind would love to catch them.

With the majority of Manchaug Pond property owners season summer camps and cottages – it is a good policy to secure everything from boats to umbrellas to beach toys every evening. A new MPA Membership Committee is updating and expanding our membership info and developing an informational packet for new lake residents which introduces them to Manchaug Pond, and best management practices to use around our home and landscape as well as local regulations from Douglas and Sutton all designed to keep us safe and protect the lake. If you would like to offer suggestion to the committee on info you would like to see included, just comment or email. If you want to join the committee just let us know!